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The Gloucestershire Way

The Wysis Way

The Three Choirs Way.

The Cotswold Canals Walk

St. Kenelm's Way

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To obtain books please send order form with cheque for relevant amount to the publisher - G F Stewart, 15 Orchard Road, Alderton, Tewkesbury, GL20 8NS.

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(   ) copies of The Gloucestershire Way @ £6.95 (ISBN 0952787059)

(   ) copies of The Three Choirs Way @ £6.95 (ISBN 0952787068) – Not available*

(   ) copies of The Wysis Way @ £6.95 (ISBN 0952787016)

(   ) copies of The Cotswold Canals Walk @ £6.95 (ISBN 0-9527879-7-5 - reprint, September 2013

(   ) copies of St Kenelm's Way @ £5.95 (ISBN 0952787040

For the first time in 25 years, escalating Royal Mail charges make it necessary to add postal charges to orders, as follows: for one book, please add £1.50; for two books, please add £2.00, for three books add £2.50 and for four or more books (up to eight), please add £3.00.

* The Three Choirs Way is currently out of print.

Please direct any email queries to 'enquiries@countryside-matters.co.uk'